Industrial equipment and products OEMs require the right quality technical documents to ensure ease of operation and maintenance of their products. Having the high quality technical documentation reduce downtime and reduce lifecycle cost. The OEMs also face challenges to keep their technical documents up to date, migration to new platforms and multi-lingual translation

QuEST technical data services span end to end technical document development of the product from Installation and Setup Guides, illustrated parts catalogue, maintenance manuals, operating instructions, repair manuals  including graphics and animations, and translation services, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals or IETMs to managing the technical documents update.

QuEST technical Data Services include:

  • Authoring and Illustration: Design documents, materials, and delivery systems that apply best principles for communication and comply with industry standards and customer style guides.
  • Animation: Technical documents having animations for visualization and improved learning of shop floor personal, no ambiguity in understanding of procedure, overcome language barrier and improved quality of maintenance.
  • Translation Services: Translate and adapt materials for users with different language skills and cultural backgrounds.

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