• Process Reliability Improvements on Manufacturing Lines
    Strength & Impact

    resolve reliably

    Process reliability is a given when you partner with us for your engineering needs for industries. Find out more about our solution which improved process reliability by 3-5%.

  • Industrial Safety Equipment- Flex Star Wheel
    Strength & Impact

    simulate and save

    Our simulation to study bottle behaviour during transport and torque application eliminated prototyping and resulted in 25% cost savings for a US FMCG customer.

  • Ravalnath Kamath

    Our consistent value comes from our unique local global approach, engineering investment optimization and engineering innovation.

  • Quest -Global Development Center

    We have been working with QuEST to develop a Global Development Center to support several of our operating companies in the area of new product development, legacy product sustenance, manufacturing engineering and sou

  • Industrial Products and Machinery

    Partial list of products include line transfer machines, metal cutting machines, printers, material handling (conveyors, palletizer, indexers, hoists, valves, etc,.)

  • Farm and Construction Equipment

    Partial list of products include off-highway vehicles, tractors, cranes, loaders, harvesters, compactors, forest machines, excavators, lawn mowers, etc,.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Partial list of products include detergents (liquid / powder / SUD), batteries, beverages, food products, feminine care, cosmetics, pet-care products, etc,.