QuEST understands the challenges faced by the industry in terms of improving engineering process efficiency across the entire product lifecycle. Though, engineers are highly trained specialists who develop new products and win new business yet end up spending many hours each week on various support and administrative tasks.

These tasks are critical but, non-core work.  Time devoted to non-core activities could be better spent on more valuable initiatives.

Now all of this is possible with outsourced engineering process services from QuEST Global.

Our managed services approach relieves you from supplier management hassles. Meanwhile, our capability-led internal technical reviews and KPI monitoring ensures reduced rework. Process efficiency and productivity improvement are given when you partner with us. Focus areas of engineering process services are Project Management, Change Management, Product Testing, Asset Management, Technical Data Management, and Quality Management.

Our focus and continuous improvement mindset can make your engineering processes more efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Emerging Trends

Emerging trends and more intelligent Aero Engines
The conceptual design of an aero gas turbine engine is quite complex involving many engineering disciplines such as aerothermodynamics, heat…
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