• Aero EnginesCase Study

    embrace automation

    Automation saves labour, brings down design time and improves process efficiency. Learn how we have helped our customer in manufacturing automation.

  • Aero EnginesCase Study

    ensure efficiency

    How can digitalization and IoT revolutionize the Aero Engine industry, flight efficiency and profitability? Learn more.

  • Case Study

    efficient engines

    From labyrinth seals to cases and frames, QuEST provides services from design to MRO to major aero engine OEMs. Learn more.

  • demystify digital manufacturing

    Our decades of experience in product engineering services makes us an ideal partner for embarking on the journey towards digital manufacturing.

  • Andrew Lewis

    As the aero engines industry goes through an unprecedented transition from development to production, watch this video to learn how we can help in this transition.

  • Aero engine

    QuEST has not missed a single milestone this year. We have always passed on bugs as found to QuEST for quick action and they have always responded.

  • Aero Engine

    QuEST did a very nice job. They took a proactive approach with resolution of technical problems.

  • QuEST has been self-managed with virtually no direction from us and they have kept all programs on track.

  • They are very responsive to customer requests and turn jobs around very quickly. They have backups, people trained to keep tasks moving if someone is out.


New Product Development Support for Civil Engines

More than 52000 hours of design support for over 20 projects in 10 component families across the full design and development lifecycle for new products / programs.


Development and Production Services

Manufacturing support of vanes and blades for various military and commercial engine programs

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