With connectivity, autonomous, shared mobility and electrification becoming the norm, the challenge for Automotive OEMs is to consistently deliver compelling and unified experiences to drive business outcomes.


Digital Cockpits or e-cockpits as we know, seamlessly integrate in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), autonomous driver assistance system (ADAS) and cluster to elevate the driving experience exponentially. 


QuEST’s Digital cockpit solutions enables OEMs and Tier-1s to build state-of-the-art Head Unit Display (HUD) and reduce time to market. We offer expertise in HMI, app and middleware development, Testing and automation, OTA updates for multiple platforms, specializing in Android platform. We have proven results with HVAC, Media, voice recognition, mobile application and multi-language support integrated into HUD and delivered within a short span of time.

QuEST at Work

  • Developed 4000+ screens and 30,000+ test cases for HUD and supported customers in 17+ production programs
  • Our experience with HUDs has rendered our strong capabilities in multi display development driven from single SoC and seamless UI/UX switching across displays
  • In-depth domain knowledge with IVI, connectivity, testing and automation gives added advantage to our customers for end-to-end solution from concept design to production and shorten time to market
  • Preferred partners leading OEMs to develop mobile application that connects IVI over USB/BT/Wi-Fi/ Android Auto/Car Play and cloud
  • Engineering partner to leading OEMs and Tier-1s for ADAS feature implementation & AUTOSAR integration



Arguably, innovative technologies have been the driving force in transforming human lives beyond imagination. Be it consumer electronics, semiconductor equipments, computing or digital, these innovations have made businesses and experiences more engaging, personalized and intuitive. The future belongs to organizations that can continue to innovate and create products, solutions and processes that are more humanized.


At QuEST, we deliver end-to-end engineering solutions across product development, product lifecycle management and digital transformation to help leading OEMs, Tier-1s and industry leaders realize the full value of innovative digital technologies, platforms and digital strategies in a cost-effective way.

Our Capabilities

QuEST's capabilities span the entire value chain for domains like manufacturing, supply chain, vendor management and maintenance. Our expertise includes:

Multi-disciplinary Product Engineering

  • Intelligent devices, equipment and smart edge

Enterprise Applications

  • Transformation and modernization, Cloud solutions, Data engineering and platform services.

Technology Solutions

  • AI/ML/DL, Vision Analytics
  • Big data, Security, Blockchain
  • AR/VR

Digital Transformation Solutions 

  • For industrial and Hi-Tech world - IoT solutions, XaaS, Predictive Maintenance, Digital Twin
  • Analysis and visualization of large data to derive business insights


Healthcare and Medical Devices

The healthcare ecosystem is going through multiple transformations.


Consumerization of healthcare has urged MedTech companies to revisit the traditional definitions of healthcare delivery. Standardization, digitization and data security has brought a whole new set of possibilities for managing healthcare.


QuEST’s deep domain knowledge in the digital health, radiological imaging, In-Vitro diagnostics, patient monitoring and supply chain along with engineering expertise in software, digital, cyber, electronics and mechanical technologies make us a Trusted Thinking Partner of choice  for our customers in healthcare.


Our engineering expertise spans new product development and sustenance along with in digital transformation to enable value-based care through smart connected products.


Our certifications and process standards: ISO 13485 Certified | IEC 62304 | ISO 14971 | ISO 26262 | ISO 9001 | ISO 27001 | OHSAS 45001 | IEC 62304

Services and Solutions

  • Connected Consumer
  • Smart Healthcare Systems
  • Smart Remote Care
  • Smart Connected Device


  • Wearable devices (health Tracking)
  • Preventive health applications
  • Chronic disease management solutions (Diabetes, Obesity etc)

QuEST Capabilities / Services

  • Device development and miniaturization
  • Mobile ( IoS/ Android) app development, deployment and hosting
  • Human Factors design capability, UX/UI studies and UX testing
  • Conversational AI
  • Product compatibility testing ( Browser, Device etc)
  • End-user adoption support
  • Compliance, Privacy, Cybersecurity and HIPAA/ GDPR


  • Healthcare intelligence for improved outcomes (Data & AI)
  • Collaborative platforms for value based care
  • Intelligent Diagnostics (AI powered predictive diagnostics)

QuEST Capabilities / Services

  • Healthcare ecosystem platform engineering
  • Hybrid / Multi-cloud ((AWS, Azure, GCP) ) deployment and management
  • Hospital integration, Implementation and site support
  • Data management and analytics
  • Predictive health algorithm training
  • Deep Learning / Visual AI
  • Compliance, Privacy, Cybersecurity (Hi-Trust)


  • Telehealth solutions
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Population health

QuEST Capabilities / Services

  • Solution development and deployment
  • Integration of home-health devices
  • Device connectivity, IoT and 5G
  • Human Factors design capability, UX/UI studies and UX testing
  • End-user adoption and installed base support
  • Compliance, Privacy, Cybersecurity and HIPAA/ GDPR


  • Remote field service
  • Asset tracking / fleet management
  • Predictive maintenance (AI)

QuEST Capabilities / Services

  • IoT platforms (Azure) adoption
  • Device connectivity, IoT and 5G
  • Data ingestion, management and analytics
  • Device monitoring and service desk
  • AR/ VR development
  • Predictive algorithm development and training

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Why QuEST?

As a trusted thinking partner for all digital transformation needs, we provide services and solutions that are driven by a “digitize, servitize, customize” approach. The aim is to help customers to be prepared for the next disruption. 


Our engineering expertise across various domains helps customers discover new business opportunities, accelerate time to market and maximize business outcomes.


Our strategic partnerships with some of the leading organizations enables our customers to leverage next-gen technologies to accelerate their transformative journeys.

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