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Corporate Growth Story

Only about four in 10,000 start-up organizations have a double digit annual growth rate in their teenage years. We are one of those very rare organizations to have consistently maintained revenue CAGR of more than 30% since inception till teens. From a one room, one customer office in 1997, we have come a long way with 7500  passionate Questians belonging to nine nationalities, operating out of more than 30 locations making a positive business impact to our global customers. As an organization, we believe in diversification and over the years have serviced Fortune 500 market leaders in various industries. Our mechatronic engineering solutions are diversified as well and span the entire product development, production and operations engineering life cycle.

 Being a pure-play engineering services provider, we have always been able to attract like-minded engineers and entrepreneurs, be it customers, employees or those looking to join hands with us. Our founders Ajit Prabhu and Aravind Melligeri were open and spirited enough to think of inorganic growth right from the beginning and as early as in 1998, Lexical Engineering integrated with us. While the integration of Interface – a Spanish company, helped us to establish a center of excellence for Technical Data Services, taking on the engineering arm of GKN Aerospace brought in rich engineering talent from UK. With the Cincinnati based ASE joining hands with us, we were able to offer high-end engineering services to our customers. Some of our recent integrations include the Houston based Beeken, which fortified our Oil and Gas capabilities, NeST Software that enabled our foray into Medical Devices and other emerging industries and the EDF, a German automotive engineering services organization.

Timeline Infographic with key milestones.

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