Why Quest- Culture
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  • Our inquisitiveness has its roots in our humble beginnings. As we grow, there are so many questions for which we don’t have answers. We have got to figure them out and our open and transparent culture helps us do that. Our willingness to learn and develop continuously keeps us grounded. Our passion for engineering motivates us to push the envelope all the while. In understanding our customer needs and engineering solutions for them, we act with agility. We are empowered to take intelligent risks and decisions and therefore we are intrapreneurs in our own work spheres.

Leader Speak
  • Dush Reddy
    Dush Reddy

    At the current pace of change, it is the fast beating the slow. Let us shrink time and win with speed.

  • Raman Subramanian
    Raman Subramanian

    Feel the power that comes from doing what excite you. I am passionate about engineering. Are you?

  • Steve Gerber
    Steve Gerber

    Boundaryless communication and trust is our life line. Let’s embrace transparency!

  • Ajay Prabhu
    Ajay Prabhu

    If change is the only constant, then continuous development is our strength!

Employee Speak
  • Sonia Kutty on Culture Diversity at QuEST