I was probably around 7 or 8 years old when I first saw my father’s aeronautical engineering textbooks; I couldn’t read entire lines at the time, but I recall seeing the picture of an engine and a lot of physics symbols surrounding it. Although those drawings and figures fascinated me, I couldn’t understand why he studied so much if he was going to end up a businessman at the end. I don’t think I ever remember seeing him without a book in his hand.

Later, I realized that with a family of nine, pursuing higher education was difficult, and earning money to survive was the priority. He gave up his dreams so his children could have theirs.

The passion for engineering he gave up in the 70s ignited me. When it was time to choose the career I wanted to pursue, it was a no brainer- I felt like I was born to engineer and that is what I’d do my entire life. My father is as an inspiration to me and my siblings and helped me follow my passion.

I must say, my journey hasn’t been all roses and daises. I’ve had my fair share of “skeptical” looks whether “she” would be able handle it or “women don’t belong in the field” moments. But, I take it as a challenge to prove them wrong.

We are all Equals and Born to Engineer!


Written by Sharnee Kaul

on 11 Nov 2021