Kevin Lacy, Global Senior Vice President for Drilling and Completions, Talisman Energy (retired), once said, “It’s now statistically safer to work on a drilling rig than on a farm or a construction site. But if you factor in well control as a measure, and you create a safety scale of one to four, I’d put the airline industry at four and oil and gas at around one or two. We’re still two or three orders of magnitude in terms of the rigor, the training, the consistency, the culture and the expectations.”

Agrees our Senior VP Stever Gerber in an interview to the Houston Business Journal: “”The aerospace world is highly regulated, very process regulated,” Gerber said. Oil and gas “is very entrepreneurial, and they move very fast …. What we bring to the table is processes to enable the speed.”

With our rich experience of 17 years of providing safety critical solutions for the aerospace industry, we have ventured into servicing the Oil and Gas industry as well. Recently we opened our 9th engineering center in the US at Houston, Texas, which will provide engineering services and solutions for the upstream oil industry, equipment manufacturers and other oil and gas companies. Click here to read about the center’s plans for servicing the oil and gas industry.

Also, click here to read a paper on Reliability Analysis and Emerging Trends by Questians.

Written by QuEST Global

on 27 Jun 2014