Solving the world’s hardest engineering problems is a task riddled with risks that we relentlessly endeavor to minimize daily. To ensure that our teams are constantly at the top of their game, every year, we dedicate a month to Global Quality & Information Security (InfoSec), aka GQIM.

Through GQIM, we focus our collective effort and attention even more keenly than usual to surpass our high bar for delivering error-free solutions, eliminating the possibility of cyber-attacks, and achieving overall customer satisfaction.

This year, we hosted engaging competitions, quizzes, puzzles, and information sessions designed to challenge our minds and enhance our quality. Questians from across the globe took part in seven online events, and even more participated in live events, like Run for Quality and Information Security and Snakes and Ladders. There were also inspiring talks delivered by Quest Global leadership.

While the two-day Continuous Improvement (CI) Roadshow, GQIM’s hallmark event, was held virtually, that did not suppress either the quality or quantity of entries received. Multiple teams submitted their projects and shared their innovative take on streamlining processes, eradicating inefficiencies, increasing profitability, improving productivity, and heightening security.

Through fun activities, we aimed to help Questians understand the need for quality and information security at every level of our organization. It was an opportunity to celebrate all that we do exceedingly well while humbly reimagining ways to do things even better. That is how we continue enhancing our ability to comply with global quality standards and certifications and secure our position as our customers’ most trusted partner.

Written by Quest Global

on 13 Mar 2023