With my burning passion for solving challenges, I joined Quest Global fresh out of college in September 2011 as a trainee mechanical engineer. I still vividly remember the first few months. I was thrilled yet anxious to start my professional journey. I am forever thankful to my first manager, Rajkumar Rajasekaran, who welcomed me into his team like a true leader and mentor. Under his leadership and my senior teammates’ guidance, I could comfortably transition from college to the corporate culture.

Since then, the organization has grown multi-fold, and in the process, I am fortunate to have grown with it. I started working as a CAD engineer in my early days. I then progressed to handle various responsibilities like a technical reviewer and documentation approver. At each phase, when I had the opportunity to learn something new, I grabbed it and kept striving to achieve perfection.

Over the last 12 years at Quest Global, I was fortunate to have contributed to projects involving new product development, testing & validation of design, and reliability improvement. I have also had the chance to work on critical customer projects such as field failures, building new configuration of tools, and cost-saving projects. The culmination of these experiences and learning at the organization has shaped my professional career from a trainee in 2011 to a subject matter expert (SME) on customer products 12 years later. While, like every team, we have had our challenges, I believe that our consistency in providing high-quality engineering solutions, taking ownership, and solving the hardest engineering challenges for our customers helped us gain their confidence and entrust me as the Subject Matter Expert for their product.

Today, as I progress in my engineering journey, I am constantly reminded of a saying by Naval Ravikant, an entrepreneur I follow. He says, “Be patient; it takes 10 years to build a career in anything”. I am glad to have been patient, stuck with a team I trusted, and kept my spark alive to make the impossible possible. However, in the true Quest Global fashion, I believe that ‘the best is yet to come,’ and my engineering journey has only just begun

Written by Maraddi Tarikoppa

on 13 Mar 2023

Subject Matter Expert, 

Quest Global