Today, augmented reality (AR) helps with creating proof of concepts, identifying specific business challenges, developing and implementing solutions, and helping meet the technically advanced need of customers. AR is not just limited to Pokemon Go anymore, it is not just helping enterprises with costly maintenance and repair work or with more B2C projects alone, it is also aiding research and development projects that can generate more interest and traction across verticals to eventually generate more value. There will come a time pretty soon in future, where AR glasses will replace mobile phones, if we go by Facebook’s Oculus Research’s prediction.

AR has forayed into various enterprise related activities and the question that comes to the fore is whether an organization is AR ready. AR is not limited to smartphones and tablets anymore, there are various crucial activities that can be done well with the help of AR solutions. The other challenge enterprises face today is to integrate AR with IOT systems so that any field worker can access required information pulled right from the IOT devices. This will enable field workers to conduct maintenance and repair work without having to refer to other associated systems and without losing any downtime for the machinery in question. AR can help fieldworkers understand if a system passed tests of maintenance status reports were all in sync with the assessment conducted in the past. This also allows to access alarms, other notifications as well as to visualize existing conditions of a system.

AR is no more just something to procrastinate about. It is here and needs to be adopted to ensure good return-on-investment for most leading enterprises today. Moving away from smartphones and tablets, AR is now found in smart glasses which enables field workers to have a hands-free time while working on critical machinery. AR currently includes

  • Labels with text
  • Labels with numbers (e.g., valve settings)
  • 3D & interactive 3D information displays
  • 3D animation of actual assembly tasks

AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are also making quite a rave in the field of enterprise adoption for various levels of field training. Making life easy for both trainers and trainees, VR with a 3D model helps to provide highly effective training for complex parts. It allows to provide training that is more realistic and offers the real feel of the environment and situation by creating high quality animation that give the real product feel. Adding to that AR helps with providing safety in hazardous environments. It helps field executives to take safety precautions and even sets of alarms to help them stay safe.

Mobiliya, a QuEST Global company offers high-end solutions in the field of  mobile-to-cloud system integration, IoT (Internet of Things), Deep Learning and other key practices, etc. Along with product engineering services solutions that have helps it make its vivid mark on the global outsourcing services market, its AR solutions have several use cases based on helping field workers improve their performance, efficiency and safety.

Field workers who are frequently maintaining as well as troubleshooting stations & towers in pretty remote locations, need help to reduce errors, minimize incomplete tasks, and reduce the need for re-work. This is where Mobiliya, a QuEST Global company’s AR solution comes into action that can be accessed via tablet, smartphone, or wearable smart glasses. This allows up-to-date and customized information for each version of the system in the field. Helping workers’ capacity to improve with interactive, user-friendly information as well as reference material and step-by-step guidance on various actions makes it much easier for the technicians to access information online rather than refer paper manuals that are dated and irrelevant.

AR solutions also allow to record each step of the field operations to automatically document compliance related reports. The solution is easily customizable to help connect with IoT devices for predictive & preventive maintenance. Not just for telco field executives, AR also helps heathcare service providers where medical equipment need periodic maintenance and set up as well as configuration. Mobiliya, a QuEST Global company, offers medical device manufacturers with AR smart solutions that can be easily used by medical professionals.

Written by QuEST Global

on 11 Jun 2019